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About Us

"Our vision is to plan the future of sleep with imagination and innovation, where we are continually learning about how to engineer sleep science. We wake up to face the challenge of crafting your perfect night’s rest because we know that your success depends on last night’s snooze."

It’s Snooze Sleep Co.’s dream to find you the perfect sleep through exclusive technology and a staff trained by local sleep doctors and chiropractors. At Snooze Mattress Co., our Dream Map will find your pressure points through thermal technology to design your optimal sleeping conditions. From there, we direct you to a mattress, adjustable base and bedsheets custom to your body’s needs.

To complement your sleep and promote spine alignment, our sleep coaches will find the perfect pillow with you, using our Fill Station to build, refill or remake pillows. If you’re in need of furniture, select the set of your dreams from leading industry brands using our Wonder Sign Kiosk.

Sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all. Wake up and Snooze better.


Brands & Designers


The Snooze Foundation

The Snooze Foundation exists to support the early risers, the night owls, the scholars who push every day to reach their goals. Essentially, it is the bridge between Snooze Sleep Company and the community where everything started: Pueblo County.

A business is just a building without its people, which is why we give a portion of each purchase back to the people who make our business possible. We strive to support education in the county, donating to Pueblo West High School and Colorado State University-Pueblo. We believe in our students and we are proud to belong to an intelligent, hard-working and passionate community.

To bring attention to all our community has to offer, we also vow to pick a local organization once a month, where a percentage of purchases will be donated.

We know that today’s success depends on last night’s Snooze. We support your success from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow – and everything in between.

Who Are We?

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