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If you’re sick of not being challenged and hate your job, then why waste one minute doing something

Just do it

Remember when the iconic Nike slogan hit our lexicon in the late 1980’s?

It was all about getting people to associate their purchases with achieving greatness.

And, interestingly enough, it was inspired by Gary Gilmore. Gilmore was assassinated in the state of Utah in 1977. An execution that he demanded…..and his final words were: “Let’s do it”, before the firing squad pulled their triggers. Norman Mailer penned a best seller about it and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the movie that came out a few years later. “The executioners song”.

But this article isn’t about death. It’s about life.

It’s estimated that as many as 80% of the employees of any given company are disengaged, unsatisfied…..they don’t like their jobs.

Why waste one minute doing something you hate?

Is it because of the paycheck? What is your soul and sanity worth? 75K per year. 140K per year with 4 weeks of vacation.

I sort of vowed never to tell this story, but what the hell: The year 2020 was a bad year for many people. For me, it was really bad. My consulting business was failing, I couldn’t land a client (my clients were all closed down)…….I eventually was forced to find a job, something I didn’t think I would ever do again after leaving the corporate world in late 2010.

But here I was job hunting. Eventually, I found a job. It was in another state, a relocation was required. I was in such a hurry to start making money that I accepted the offer without asking many questions.

The salary was $170,000.00 per year. That’s what I was focused on. On my first day, I learned a few things…….things that I would never have predicted could exist in a position as important as the one I just accepted.

-One week of vacation AFTER one year of service.

-6 days per week required. 7 days is recommended.

-No vacation (of the 5 days granted after one year) could be used between December 26th and April 15th.

-This was a retail management type of position requiring me to wear a logoed shirt. Shirts were not provided.

On the drive back to my new apartment in a strange town in a new state I decided to resign.

I knew that my soul, sanity, and a big thing related to my sould and sanity… my FREEDOM was worth a lot more than $170,000.00.

It took me about 45 days, but I found a new opportunity. I was able to get a small piece of a new company and I make a lot less money than I ever have. Right now. But you know what I do receive? Freedom, flexibility, time off, respect, challenges, I am listened to, and I don’t have as many rules.

And I get to be an integral part of building a multi-unit franchise business.

What’s my point?: We tend to get focused on money, the paycheck, hoping that enough money can buy you an early retirement.

My advice to you is to start a business. It’s hard work, and there is risk, but with hard work, the risk often pays off. You are provided with FREEDOM and MONEY.

Life is too short to have 3 different bosses drone on and on about TPS reports.

Life is too short for your dreams to not be realized…………….too short for your dreams to not be attempted.

2022 is coming to an end. Maybe it’s time to do it. Maybe it’s time to do something about your situation.

Maybe 2023 is your year to start living your dream.

Just do it.

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