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Not a one-call close

Have you ever bought a business? Maybe this business was a franchise. Or maybe it wasn’t.

Either way, I am guessing that from the time you first inquired to the time you were handed the keys, several weeks went by. Perhaps, several months even.

I mention this because I don’t know you. Not yet anyway, so I don’t know if you have ever bought a business.

It is not a one call close.

The average time from first contact to signing a franchise agreement is at least 3 months. It could even be longer.

The first call is quid pro quo. We tell you the basics about Snooze……..what we are, why we are the brand to consider in our space, and how you qualify to become a Snooze owner. We ask you about yourself, what you are doing now, why you are considering a brand like Snooze, and how you plan to fund or finance it.

That’s pretty much it. That’s step one.

After this call, if you are still interested, we send you some more information. We give you time to think about it, and then we reach out to schedule a second call. On this call, we can show you some data related to the town or city you are considering putting your Snooze mattress store. We answer more questions that have come up from the first call, etc.

From that call, we can move as slow or fast as you want. We will send you and FDD, and allow you time to review it.

At some point, we will invite you to an in person Discovery day. If you can’t make it to Colorado for whatever reason, we can schedule a virtual meet the team day. It’s all very flexible.

And at some point you are going to likely want to speak to some of our franchisees.

That’s a good idea of the process, with a step or two missing……some people need more, some less.

We award franchises. Just like you would judge us on missing a call………we appreciate your showing up and showing interest.

In the event that this is your first time considering a business adventure, or if you were thinking that maybe we are pushy salespeople, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Buying a business is serious business. We want you to experience financial and personal freedom. But we want you to do it with Snooze, only if it makes sense for both of us.

Sleep Deep. Dream Big!

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