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Set it and forget it...

Set it and forget it.

I have heard about franchise brands that entice prospective franchisees by painting a picture of a business that you simply open up and start printing money.

“I am looking for passive income.”

Dear Lord, why don’t you just ask for a million dollar loan that is not allowed to be paid back?

When I hear from someone that they are looking for things like “an investment”, or “passive income”, I hear, “I am lazy and entitled.”

Yeah, I said it. Because it’s true.

Show me a business owner who made money without any effort and I will………..you can’t show me that, so the point is moot.

Okay, enough of me bitching about lazy business owners. Let’s talk reality.

You can own a business like a Snooze Mattress Company and make a lot of money without working your ass off.

But you will have to work. Hire, train, inspect what you expect, monitor KPI’s.

I mean, isn’t it more rewarding to own a business and actually put in some work? Not necessarily an owner operator, but putting some effort in daily to move your business forward?

Look, if you want “passive income”, purchase a condo in Belize. Seriously. I was there last week on vacation. There are several condos available for purchase in Belize. Going rate for a studio condo is $250,000.00. Typical HOA is $300.00 per month.

You pay $250,000.00 and $300.00 per month and come down for two weeks per year. Or more. That’s up to you. The remainder of the time, you rent it out through the condo rental program. 60/40 split.

You make money by not being on vacation.

I would guess a person could make 20K per year in rental income. With no effort.

With a mattress store like Snooze, a person can make 10 times or 20 times that amount. With effort.

Wouldn’t you rather make a lot of money changing lives through selling sleep and a few weeks off every year and chill in Belize than own a condo in Belize that makes you a few bucks?

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Sleep deep. Dream big.

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