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Whether you open up your own business, your lifeblood will be marketing

Whether you open up your own business, your lifeblood will be marketing. Let’s use a mattress store as an example. If you open a mattress store, your business will be dependent on how many people you drive through the doors of your business.

And driving traffic through the doors of a brick and mortar business takes strategy, and consistency.

If you aren’t an expert on marketing, and you open up your own business (not a franchise) you better figure out quickly who is going to help you drive traffic.

If you go with a franchise, you are supported from day one. And yes, it’s one of the most important questions you should ask the franchisor (and existing franchisees) before you decide to join the brand: “Tell me how I will be driving traffic into my store.” “Hey Mr. franchisee, how do you drive traffic into your store?” “And Mr. franchisee, tell me how headquarters helps and supports you with marketing.”

Remember that ultimately, you are the boss, the decision maker, but if you are like me and not an expert in marketing (and I was a marketing director for 18 months), you want to know that your franchisor has marketing figured out……..at least as much as it can be.

For example, at Snooze, we have a team of people with expertise on things like geo-fencing, target markets, branding, and budgets.

In other words, our franchisees have access to a support team of marketing experts so you can feel good that the dollars you spend are spent correctly. Marketing is always a game of analyzing and adjusting, but that is another thing you get with a franchise like Snooze: People who will be watching your numbers, even when you aren’t.

Look, marketing is your lifeblood. It’s something you have to do everyday, and sometimes around the clock.

It’s too important to do it on your own. Don’t do it alone. Do it with a support team.

Sleep deep. Dream big.

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