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Why owning a franchise is simple

It just ain't easy. It’s simple from this standpoint: Stay focused on the numbers.

-Leads through the door.


-Average dollars per sale.

There are some other KPI’s worth monitoring, but you can honestly boil the mattress business down to those three.

The hard part? Doing what it takes (daily) to maximize those numbers.

Leads through the door: This starts with a marketing plan based off of a percentage of revenue. Putting those dollars in towards multiple mediums, and tracking the results so you can make adjustments. You can’t simply “set it and forget it”, when it comes to marketing. And you are going to need to be a part of the community, public and private. Sponsor a blood drive, go to every chamber event, etc.

And have patience. Overnight results don’t often happen in business. And in the mattress industry, the payoff can be huge in year two and beyond.

Establish yourself as the sleep store, do those daily things, and the reward is worth it.

Conversion: Each sleep coach needs to be above 50% closing, striving to be 70% or more. This won’t happen without training. Daily, or almost daily. Role playing, over and over. Just because a sleep coach closed 65% for the past 3 months, doesn’t mean he or she can be a “set it and forget it” salesperson. Don’t get lazy on employee training. Ever.

Average dollars per sale: A sleep coach can be closing 75% but sell half the amount of a 45% closer with the same amount of “Ups” as we call it in the biz. This is also part of training. Work with your sleep coaches on top down selling, how to turn a “You have anything for $400.00” customer into a Tempur-pedic for life sleeper, etc.

Simple, just not easy.

But, a cool part of being part of a franchise system like Snooze, is you have online training resources ready for you and your sleep coaches to consume. Training is abundant, and your franchise business coach can help you get your staff trained.

Sleep deep, and dream big!

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